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A couple of weeks ago a small group of us were discussing what each of us would do if we won a $250 million dollar Powerball. People were suggesting the usual types of ideas – extensive travel, the pursuit of various hobbies – when one boy casually stated,

“If I won that much money I’d open my own large law firm.”

Still in a state of disgusted disbelief I entered my journal’s office where I encountered my EIC, who I happen to love dearly. I relayed the ridiculous story to her, mentioning that it might make a great “Overheard at Law School” segment. I saw her eyebrows furrow while I was speaking, and when I finished she declared,

“That’s so stupid. Having tons of money does not guarantee that your law firm will be successful.”

Me: . . . . .


It’s like what Randy Fenoli from “Say Yes To The Dress” said in a recent HuffPo interview: attorneys have no vision.

Oh who me? Well if I won that kind of money, I’d be totally responsible. First I would pay off my debt, my sisters’ debts, and my parents’ debts, secure them each access to a reasonably large fund, and then I would buy this:

via beautifulplacestovisit.com

via beautifulplacestovisit.com

via beautifulplacestovisit.com

In case you were wondering, and why wouldn’t you when it’s so obvious, yes, this is the castle after which Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was modeled. That is to say, it’s fantastical.