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So recently, some friends and I each took an exam on the same night. After we finished we got together for some mojitos, Cheesecake Factory, and Gone With The Wind. Oh, and we made this. As if the world needed another Ryan Gosling meme, we added Law School Ryan Gosling to the mix. It was fun, and silly, and I think I figured we’d get like maybe a couple hundred views tops. To date we’ve gotten a couple hundred thousand.

The internet is weird and awesome.

The whole thing ended up making me feel a little embarrassed because, for a quick moment, we got quite a bit of attention (more than I expect I’ll ever get again) for creating something that wasn’t really all that original or creative. We didn’t do anything important or brilliant. The only time in my life I’ll be relevant enough to show up on trending topics for a day, and it was only because we ripped off an already popular meme that jumped the shark weeks ago.

What I never expected was that the greatest part of the website was yet to come: the comments. It was like an early Christmas gift. And I’m not talking about the, “hahaha this is so nerdy” comment, or the, “OMG YOU WIN, INTERNET!” or even the, “This is the best. thing. ever.” Those were sweet, and total strokes to my ego, but the greatest of all were these guys:

Meme: Hey Girl, Wanna practice your (oral) advocacy skills?                 Commentator: It should be oral (advocacy) skills.

Meme: Hey Girl. My love for you is like an irrevocable trust, it can’t be amended. Commentator: I guess he’s never heard of EPTL 10-6.6

 . . . And my all time favorite. This was not posted to the website, but instead said directly to one of the writers.

Commentator: Holy crap your Ryan Gosling jokes are so bad. BTW, I’m not a crim law guy, but class A misdemeanors will generally be accompanied by jail sentences or probation. I think you’re looking for class C misdemeanors, which are usually merely municipal code violations accompanied by a fine or rather, they have fine written all over them. Here I’ve got one for you: “Girl, this here is the best evidence of my love for you.” “Girl I want to be your layman.”

. . . Everyone’s a critic, (and also a contributor apparently).

I think these comments make my blog obsolete. I have nothing left to prove. I cannot find anything more ridiculous. Some individuals in the legal field saw a hastily made Tumblr, filled with a tired old meme, and pseudo witty one-shot legal jokes/pick-up lines, and thought, “Yes. I’m going to take the time to correct the grammar and the questionable legal basis for these absolutely harebrained quotes. Yea – good. I feel good about this.”

Thank you internet. You really do win.