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This is what happens when the Hall family gets a little too tipsy and then tries to get a respite from the way-too-many family members from all over the globe we have staying with us for the holidays:

Middle Sister: Stop calling me Youngest Sister! Get over it!

Mother: Why are you so upset about it? I always mix you girls up.

Middle Sister: Because I used to be the favorite, and now it’s Youngest Sister.

Me: Where does that leave me?

Youngest Sister: I also get Jido! (She’s always been our grandfather’s obvious favorite).

Everyone: Yea, we know.

Father: (just walking in) What are you guys doing?

Me: Middle Sister’s upset that she’s no longer the favorite daughter.

Father: WHAT?! There are no favorites. FAMILY GROUP HUG!

*family group hug happens.*

Me: Why are we all in Mom’s closet?


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