I have a new one coming up, but I figured since I have so many new readers it might be helpful (by which I obviously mean self-serving) to list my top viewed posts. You know, so that new readers don’t have to wade through the crap and all that (but please feel free to!).

So here they are:

1. Law Students At the Library: Like Seeing Lions In The Wild

2. 10 Step Program To Drinking Like A Law Student

3. Overheard At Law School: Pretentiousness Edition

4. 2nd Semester 3L Year: A Pictorial Essay

5. An Open Letter To That Guy With His Hand Up At The End Of Class

6. Dear God, I Hope I’m Not The Only One

7. The Characters: 5 Types Of People You Meet In Law School Sweepingly Generalized By Class Rank

8. It’s Like Losing Your Virginity Only With Less Sex And More Awkward

9. Because I Wanted An A, Bitch

Number 10 is not a top viewed post, but it’s the post where I explain why I started this blog. Those reasons listed in that post, and also, this.