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This is not so much funny as it is a story that still makes me angry two years later. Earlier on in my law school career, while sitting in a lecture hall waiting for, ironically, my Professional Responsibility course to begin, I overheard this conversation between two then-3Ls:

Girl 1: Yea so then he just stormed out. It was nuts.

Girl 2: He is nuts. His anger management issues are out of control. How can you throw a fit like that in public? He needs major therapy. Gary told me he’s pretty sure he’s also got some kind of depression or something.

Girl 1: I can’t believe he’ll be working at a prosecutors office under that kind of pressure. Someone is going to get hurt.

Girl 2: For sure. Do you want to do drinks and lunch after this?

Straight Jacket

Photo credit: GlenBledsoe

I’m gonna go ahead and ignore your obvious mental breakdown as long as you agree to ignore my on-the-side blow habit and borderline alcoholism.