Just a few random tidbits gathered from inside a law school library during exams. Thanks to my friends Becca and Haley for being awesome little spies. . .

. . . “I would be amenable to a vegan gluten free pizza.” Yea gurl. Live it up! We all let ourselves go during exams.

. . . “You guys are being too hard on yourselves. I don’t even have a job yet and *look* at my class rank!” You’re the best. You always know exactly what I need to hear.

. . . Walk by the super jock man and notice he’s procrastinating by flipping through a slideshow of William & Kate’s first year together.

. . . The punk/hipster guy accidentally pulls out his headphones from his laptop and sends late 90s Alanis Morissette blaring.

. . . The guy sitting at the table across from me who takes breaks by doing 20 push ups and 20 sit ups. The routine’s totally chill – I mean do what you gotta do – but the grunting is a little excessive.