The second week of bar prep is almost over, and like it’s totally awful and all that, but what is important here is THIS:

My new crack.

This is BarBri‘s subversive and evil Pavlovian tactic to prove that I have basically the same psychological complexity as a dog. But instead of being rewarded with a tasty treat, all BarBri is dangling in front of me is the chance to watch my percentage points rise and get closer to the little green arrow that shows you the “suggested target progress.”

I find myself completing that extra essay assignment that I really didn’t think I was awake enough to do properly, just for a chance to see the sweet sight of the blue line shift right and the number rise.

I am getting into only partially sarcastic fights with my friend Katie over if her tactic of checking the box after only starting an AMP assignment is cheating. (It TOTALLY is!) And the collective response when our friend Dan said that he doesn’t check the boxes was shock and dismay at his lack of organization and drive. (“You whaaat?! WHY NOT?!”)

And just generally my life feels like this:

bloody keyboard gifActually no. Not like this. This guy’s crazy.