Here is all I ever want to say again about the bar exam: I never pray . . .

but I did that first day. I felt stupid doing it so my Catholic upbringing took over and I was just saying Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s on repeat while rocking back and forth crying. Which is pretty much how it all ended, because, while others in my venue were whooping and clapping after the proctor yelled “TIME!” I was rocking back and forth giggling to myself like a bug-eyed maniac.

Bug Eyed

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I hope you all are having as much fun as I am being free of law school/the bar. Here is my life in pictures post bar exam.

Thursday: I had to fly home alone, but I had enough time in the airport for a few of these.

It was so fucking delicious. Beer tastes better when you’re a free woman.

I hadn’t slept well in so long that by the time I got on the plane I was legit stumbling. I hit on the rich old guy seated next to me, which was amusing until he followed me to my gate for my connecting flight.

Sometimes, every now and again, life can be really beautiful. Just not your shiny bald head dude.

Friday: Hick house party complete with beer, Franzia, a heated discussion about Israel and scorched earth that almost led to a soldier/civilian showdown, and a game of Nails. Never heard of Nails? All you need is a hammer in one hand and a beer in another. Oh, and the ability to aim.

Unless hitting yourself in the thigh full force counts, I don’t have that last one.


Rose: “What are you up to today?”

Me: “Recovering from 48 hours of no sleep and a wicked hangover. You?”

Rose: “Going to an annual block party out by me. It’s all my crossfit buddies and it gets fucking crazy. Ann’s coming too.”

Me: “Maybe I’ll come to that. How long’s the drive?”

Jack Daniels Logo

All I will say is that I found a long list of pictures on my phone that I don’t remember taking and that I wouldn’t post, even here. Rose – you’re the best.